Did you know that it’s approximately $250.00 in non-medical expenses EACH TIME your child is in patient for three days?

“Our mission is to RELIEVE some of the emotional and financial toll of extended hospital stays.”

Our “Charm Chest” program spreads a little charm to families whose children are in the hospital for extended stays.  In each “Chest” are Parking Vouchers, Food and Gas Gift Cards, and the potential to turn a families’ outlook around.  From our experience over the last five years, we know first hand the financial and emotional toll hospital stays can take on a family when the last thing they are giving any thought to is how much it costs.

On a day when everything seems to be going wrong, a small act of kindness can turn your whole day around.  Something that seems as small as a $5 Coffee Gift card can restore Hope.  Knowing that someone cares can make a parent say to themselves, “You know, things just might be alright after all…”

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