Brendan is a long-time resident of Groton, Connecticut.  He is a member of a military family, an engineer by trade and a local business owner.  As the Devyn’s Charm was transitioning from a rewarding adventure for the Phelps family into Devyn’s Charm, Inc., a far-reaching, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Mark and Amanda reached out to Brendan and invited him to become involved.

Brendan brings to Devyn’s Charm, Inc. his experience in business development and management with the purpose of assisting in the wise and focused growth of the organization as it strives to answer the call for families in need.  In addition, Brendan’s experience and ability to think outside-the-box allow him to offer sound, critical and unique guidance across a diverse range of business areas.

Brendan will rest easy when all families in need are able to savor the relief and respite that “Charm Chests” offers, and when the Phelps family is able to savor the gratifying realization that they created a well-managed, self-fulfilling Devyn’s Charm organization.  Until then, Brendan and the rest of the Devyn’s Charm, Inc. team will work tirelessly to help relieve, rally and empower.