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As parents of children with special needs we often get so bogged down in diagnoses, treatments, and education plans that we forget to simply enjoy the children we’ve been given. Children with special needs are above all children. They are to be celebrated, played with, laughed with, joked with, and enjoyed! No one has taught me that more than my dear daughter, Devyn. She and her two sisters have showed me that no matter who we were created to be we are in need of love, laughter, and play.

Please join me in creating a place on the web where we focus on the positive, amazing and, joy-filled experiences we have with our unique children.

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  • Maggie Flood
    September 20, 2014 (9:25 pm)

    Hey it’s Maggie from church. Your website is VERY empowering. It is sad what you have had to go through and what you have yet to go through but just knowing Devyn has enough optimism, love, and strength to go around is what makes me look at all this as better than it is. All you other viewers, I know Devyn and her family personally. I can vouch for them that they have their view on life that they do because of Devyn. It is amazing that rather than dwelling on the idea of anything going wrong (hey Murphys law mustn’t ALWAYS be true) they can live for the moment and help others going through what they do while they’re at it. GO TEAM DEVYN!!!!!!!!

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