Did you know that families and friends are the most important advocate a child can have?  Did you know they need your voice?

 “Our mission is to EMPOWER caregivers to become advocates for their children.”

Unconditionally loving your child is your most important job as a caregiver.  The second most important job, is speaking up for her needs.  Even the most well-intentioned physician, therapist, or educator doesn’t know your child as well as you do.  You know his favorites, his triggers, the sound of her “sick cough,”  when he really needs a hug, and when he wants to be left alone.  YOU are such an important part of your child’s team and we are here to help give you some tips and tricks to navigate the scary world of “special needs parenting.”

With knowledge, kindness, and some careful communication YOU can ensure that your voice is heard and that your child is getting the care and help that he or she needs.

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