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Flip Flops and the ICU…

We are self-proclaimed Beach Bums. The summer outfit of choice (and, honestly, the winter choice were my daughters allowed) is a sun-dress or shorts and flip-flops.  Free toes is a luxury not lost in our house.  So, naturally, when the twins were born in the middle of the summer we wore flip-flops.  We wore them to the hospital when I delivered the girls, Dear old Dad wore them when he drove back and forth to the hospital to visit them and me, and once the girls were settled into the NBSCU at Yale we wore them there too.  After a few “raised eyebrows” and a few ...

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I am sooooo touched and grateful. Bless you all!!! - Cheryl

God Bless you and your family. You are very special people! - Rebecca

My point in writing to y'all is to let y'all know we are praying for y'all and to tell y'all good job. Y'all are doing a great thing, too. Thank you for serving, and thank you for taking good care of your family as well as other families. - April

...Rock on...Kid Style! - Steve Elci